What We Do

With Natural Smoke You get more than just a bag of wood

Do you need BBQ set up advice, cooking methods or temperature guides?
Feel free to send us a message and we can help you.
Want to know more about our selection of Australian Made rubs or about our preferred BBQ fuel?

Send us an enquiry with any question, and if we don’t know we will go straight to the business and find out the answer to your question.

Want to know about the most common cuts of meat and where to get them?

Feel free to send us a message and we can help you.

Many of these businesses we know, are friends with and know their BBQ story. In some cases, we were there as they were building it from the ground up. Trialling early blends, offering our advice and following them all the way to the finished product that you see on the website today.

When you become a part of the Natural Smoke Family you get special treatment. 

We are contactable, and will do our best to help you get the best results possible.

Our business is about Family. That extends to our customers, Sponsored BBQ teams, stockists – all the way to our friends who are working towards their own business goals.

We are all about teamwork, helping your mates and being a part of a fantastic Australian BBQ community as well as a thriving BBQ business community.
We are not just a wood business. We are a BBQ business. We love to BBQ ourselves, using all the products we have available. 

Days in the shed working usually coincide with something smoking away. We own a large range of BBQ’s and as such feel like we can offer sound advice regardless of what BBQ you may be using.


At Natural Smoke we work with Australian farmers, producers and small businesses to bring you the best quality of fruit, nut and hardwoods to elevate your next BBQ.

Our wood is sourced solely from Australia, meaning we are able to develop close relationships with all of our suppliers and support our local farmers. We can tell you the story behind each type of wood, where it came from and often a little about the family business’ that supply the wood.

And because we process and pack all our wood by hand on our property, we can customise your order based on the type of BBQ you prefer—need smaller chunks for a weber GA or larger chunks for a drum smoker? Just let us know and we can pack it especially for you.

We have also partnered with other Australian small businesses to provide a collection of rubs, sauces, seasonings and BBQ fuel. With many of them having their beginnings in competition BBQ, our collection of rubs and seasonings have been extensively tried and tested to bring your BBQ to the next level.

Check out our partners here.

To see our products in action, follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram—we share our cooks ups, those done by competition teams and many home BBQers, so you’ll definitely find some inspiration for your next BBQ.