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The Dream Team Bundle

The Dream Team Bundle – Pork and Chicken

The flavor combinations in this pack will leave your tastebuds stunned. Perfect for pork ribs or loin, or chicken wings, legs and breast! The smooth smoky flavour from the Myall wood perfectly compliments the sweet and spicy rub and glaze for a balanced and delicious taste all round, with hints of sweet, savory and a tingle of that signature Habanero heat.

How to use:
– Set up your Olive Pip briquettes for your style of cooking; we recommend the snake method for low and slow, or a vortex for hot and fast
– Get a chunk of chocolate goodness (Myall wood) directly on to the hot coals
– Apply Sweet Dreams generously to your protein and get it cooking
– About 10 minutes before cooking is finished, glaze the protein with Mango Habanero
– Enjoy!

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