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Pecan Splits 10kg

These pecan splits are pretty special.

Sweet smelling with a mild smoke influence. This wood will help you create some awesome tasty BBQ.

Pecan is quite dense, hence we’ve chosen it over other ‘fruity type woods’.

The wood density is important for coal formation and burn time. The wood density of pecan is 735 kg/m3    (RED GUM IS 870kg/m3)

Purpose cut and split to suit offset smokers.

The size of the wood you use in an offset smoker greatly affects how well it runs. The spits are a perfect size to enable you to run a clean and efficient fire. Couple that with natural seasoning and a few trade secrets to get the best results you have a high quality fuel to cook with.

We moisture test our wood and cook with it ourselves in our offset smoker, so we know it will be perfect for you when you get it.

If its not ready, it doesn’t go out the door.

$65.00 inc. GST

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