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Smoke Chamber BBQ

Smoke Chamber BBQ was a concept between David (Lick of Smoke BBQ) and Michael (The Smoking Crue) who compete head to head in the Australian BBQ competition circuit.

With such a competitive friendship, it only made sense to go to battle trying to balance flavours and combine them into a single rub. Smoke Chamber BBQ rubs are designed not only to suit the competition flavour profiles but also balanced to compliment all home cooking styles.

If you get a chance to go to an Australian BBQ competition, say g'day today to David and Michael, they'd love to chat with you

Beef Shakedown Beef Shakedown



Lamb Lockdown Lamb Lockdown

Lamb Lockdown is the second rub from Smoke Chamber BBQ - a joint venture between 2 Australian Champion BBQ Teams, Lick of Smoke BBQ and The Smoking Cr..


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