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Aussie 'Oak'

Despite being referred to as Aussie 'Oak' by many, this tree is actually a variety of eucalypt (eucalyptus obliqua), native to south eastern Australia. In South Australia its also called 'stringy bark' or 'messmate'. True oak tress are native to the northern hemisphere.

Aussie Oak is one of the favourites here at Natural Smoke, not only because it smells like popcorn when its burning, but because of the story behind our Aussie Oak.

This wood came from a property just up the road from our own property near Myponga. We loaded the fallen tree trunks onto a truck, transported them to our property to the waiting Yankalilla Men's Shed members, who then milled the timber onsite (over a bbq and some beers of course!).

The milled Aussie Oak then seasoned in the luxury of our shed (no exposure to the elements for this one!) and a few lengths were eventually used as features in the living room of our strawbale house.

You can't get much more local than this Aussie Oak and for that reason, it will always hold a special place in our heart

Aussie Oak Chunks 1kg

Aussie Oak is a very dense wood and smokes for a long time. It smells almost like popcorn or roasted nuts when burning and is one of the most versatil..


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