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Hard Wood

Aussie Oak Chunks 1kg

Aussie Oak is a very dense wood and smokes for a long time. It smells almost like popcorn or roasted nuts when burning and is one of the most versatil..


Black Wattle Chunks 1kg

Black wattle is great for really long cooks. It has a very dense structure and a long burn time. It is a rich and smoky wood. Black wattle is great al..


Blackwood Chunks 1kg

Blackwood is a very light wood that burns fast with a good smoke. It gives plenty of flavour and is great for short to medium cooks with beef and poul..


Box Gum Chunks 1kg Box Gum Chunks 1kg

Box gum is a very dense wood so it contributes very well as a fuel source. It provides a medium - strong smoke flavour with excellent burn time. Perfe..


Box Gum Chunks 2kg



Ironbark Chunks 1kg

Ironbark is a very dense wood, great for long cooks or as a heat source. It has a very bold flavour and renowned Australia wide as being an excellent ..


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