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Olive Pip Co

Olive Pip Co. Premium BBQ Briquettes are imported from the motherland of the olive.. Kalamata! Our product utilises one of nature‚Äôs resources without compromising the environment.

The waste olive pips are used as fuel to produce lime products and the new waste created is used to produce our Olive Pip Co. Premium BBQ Briquettes.

Our product has been available in Europe since 1992, introduced to North America in 2016 and now in 2019 it is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of Olive Pip Co. Premium BBQ Briquettes
Free of chemicals
No smoke
Easy to light
Made using 100% renewable recycled olive pips
Emits 30% less carbon monoxide than wood charcoal
Long burn times
Easy to light
6366KCAL/KG High heat value
Applications for Olive Pip Co. Premium BBQ Briquettes
Indirect low and slow BBQing
Direct heat grilling
Rotisserie cooking
Olive Pip Co Briquettes 3kg

Made from waste olive pips produced from the Olive Oil industry, Olive Pip Co briquettes are a clean, environmentally friendly fuel source for your bb..


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